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Summary Judgment Obtained in Wrongful Death Case

Posted in Newsletters - 2014 on October 7, 2014

Cristobal Casal and Diane Tutt, Associates in our Hollywood office, obtained final summary judgment on October 6, 2014 in favor of Defendant, Up & Down Equipment Rental Inc. in the case of The Estate of Manual Juarez v. Florida Power & Light Co., et al., a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Case No. 11-20553 CA 20, before Judge Ronald Dresnick in Miami, Florida. Manual Juarez was electrocuted while working as a painter on an elevated scaffold, or swing stage, rented to the contractor by our client, Up & Down Equipment Rental.  Mr. Juarez's metal paint roller pole came in contact with a live electric line while he was working near the top of an apartment building in Miami Beach.  The decedent's personal representative sued a number of defendants including our client, which was sued for negligence, negligent entrustment and vicarious liability under the dangerous instrumentality doctrine.


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