Defense Verdict for Motor Vehicle Accident in Palm Beach County

Posted in Newsletters - 2019, Verdicts and Settlements on October 1, 2019

Robert Moses, a partner, and Hope Baros, an associate in the firm’s West Palm Beach office, obtained a defense verdict in a contested motor vehicle accident case in Palm Beach County. 

It was not contested that both the plaintiff and the defendant were traveling west on a multilane street in West Palm Beach.  The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s flatbed truck carrying 90,000 pounds of brick pavers entered her lane of traffic, resulting in an impact sending her car occupied by her and her three children off the side of the road.  The defendant driver contested this claim, claiming that the plaintiff drifted into his lane of traffic resulting in the collision.  The plaintiff claimed herniated discs in the cervical and lumbar spine for which she underwent multiple injections.  The defense argued that all of her alleged injuries pre-existed the accident and that her “in creditable claim of injuries” was a reflection of the creditability of her liability claim.  The jury was out for less than 45 minutes and returned a verdict for the defense.