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Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice Defense Attorneys

Conroy Simberg offers legal representation and personalized services to dental professionals practicing in Florida. Our malpractice defense attorneys regularly defend dentists facing complex dental malpractice claims. In each case that we handle, we focus on resolving claims as efficiently and economically as possible.

Our legal team is intimately familiar with how the dental industry operates and a number of our legal professionals have extensive backgrounds in the medical profession. The malpractice attorneys at Conroy Simberg are at the forefront of legal issues impacting health care professionals and remain apprised of all new and emerging trends, laws and regulations. This unique experience and knowledge allows our firm to quickly and effectively analyze, respond to and defend all types of dental malpractice claims, including:

Failure to inform patients of the risks associated with a procedure

  • Failure to diagnose or treat a dental condition
  • Nerve injuries
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Prosthetic Cases
  • Death
  • Wrongful extractions
  • Extraction complications

Protecting the Careers and Reputations of Dentists

The malpractice lawyers at Conroy Simberg appreciate that a great deal is at stake when a client is involved in a dental malpractice action: professional reputations can be easily damaged and licenses can be put at risk. When handling a professional malpractice case, our attorneys fully investigate and evaluate the claim, determining the best course of action. Our lawyers remain sensitive to clients’ needs and concerns and ensure that clients fully understand the regulations, laws and legal developments that may have a bearing upon their case.

Developing a successful malpractice defense requires an extensive understanding of the dental profession. We have worked to establish a dedicated team of legal professionals, including partners, associates and paralegals, to counsel and represent clients involved in dental malpractice claims.

State Licensing Boards, The Florida Department of Health and Administrative Agencies

The legal team at Conroy Simberg also has extensive experience representing dentists and other health care providers before state licensing and administrative bodies. In particular, we are familiar with the aggressive approach that the Florida State Board of Dentistry takes when investigating claims of malpractice and professional misconduct against dental professionals. With seasoned attorneys practicing in 11 offices in Florida and Georgia, our firm has the ability to quickly and effectively take action when the licensing board initiates an investigation or brings a case against a dental professional.

Professional malpractice actions can place a great deal of emotional and financial stress on members of the dental profession. Our attorneys are dedicated to resolving these actions as rapidly as possible. While we strive to dismiss or settle these claims early in the process, our attorneys aggressively represent clients throughout all stages of a claim, including appeals. Our firm is proud of the nationwide reputation we have established for developing successful legal strategies for our clients and achieving favorable outcomes.