Conroy Simberg’s Jacksonville office was established in 2005 to better serve the diverse legal demands of this fast growing metropolitan region. The attorneys in our Jacksonville office partner with lawyers in our firm’s 11 regional practice locations to provide comprehensive legal services to insurance companies, businesses and professionals. Our office’s close proximity to the neighboring State of Georgia also allows our firm to effectively represent clients and litigate cases in both Florida and Georgia.

Jacksonville is a leading transportation hub, served by three seaports, four airports, an extensive rail system and an expansive network of highways that connect Jacksonville to three major interstates. Jacksonville has a well-diversified economic base with major industries including finance, insurance, aviation and aerospace, medical products and services, manufacturing, information technology, and logistics and distribution.

The legal team in our Jacksonville office concentrates on delivering high quality, responsive and cost-effective legal services. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have developed strong relationships with insurance carriers, businesses and other entities operating throughout the Jacksonville region and its surrounding areas. The legal professionals working in our Jacksonville office and across our entire firm focus on creating strategic partnerships with our clients that best serve their legal and business interests.