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Directors & Officers Liability

Defending Legal Actions Against Corporate Officers

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg are widely recognized for their extensive experience in handling claims and defending lawsuits in conjunction with directors and officers liability policies. Our firm represents insurance carriers throughout Florida and across the U.S. in complex director and officer liability cases. Our legal team has defended litigation brought against directors and officers employed in all types of public and private companies, including banks and financial institutions.

Unfortunately, legal actions against corporate officers and directors are on the rise. These cases are complex and a successful defense requires skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel. The attorneys at Conroy Simberg have decades of experience defending clients in directors and officers liability actions.

Our legal team represents directors and officers facing all types of allegations, ranging from fraud and breaches of fiduciary duty to negligence and financial mismanagement. Our attorneys handle a wide range of complex cases, including claims brought by bankruptcy trustees, shareholder-derivative actions, cases involving intellectual property issues and demands for punitive damages.

Quick and Cost-Effective Resolutions

Directors and officers liability claims not only harm the reputations of the directors and officers, but they can seriously impact a company’s operations and market standing. From the initial liability claim to the resolution, our attorneys work alongside clients to develop approaches and strategies that settle claims quickly and cost effectively.

The lawyers at Conroy Simberg know that the time and costs associated with litigation are significant. As a team, we concentrate on avoiding lengthy trials by negotiating settlements whenever possible. We also have extensive experience settling cases in mediation and arbitration proceedings. However, when a claim cannot be resolved through these methods, we vigorously defend clients in court.

Our attorneys who handle directors and officers liability claims have years of experience representing clients in federal and state courts, including the U.S. bankruptcy courts, as well as state and federal administrative proceedings.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Cases

Conroy Simberg is proud of the reputation we have built for developing innovative legal strategies and solutions for our clients. Our attorneys are at the forefront of legal issues affecting companies and their officers and directors. We stay on top of legal trends and emerging issues and keep our clients apprised of important developments that may impact their operations.

Since our inception in 1979, Conroy Simberg has grown into a premier civil defense firm with approximately 150 attorneys working in 11 offices strategically located in Florida and Georgia. The attorneys at our firm work as a team across a diverse range of practice areas.

We regularly share resources and collaborate on cases in order to develop legal strategies and solutions that better serve our clients’ goals and objectives. This depth of experience and broad-ranging expertise positions our firm to defend against all types of directors and officers liability claims.