Our Founders

Conroy Simberg has a proud history of serving the legal needs of businesses, insurance companies, professionals and self-insured organizations facing complex legal matters.  Founded by Tom Conroy and Bruce Simberg in 1979, our firm has steadily attracted a loyal clientele by providing highly responsive and exceptional legal services.  With approximately 150 attorneys, 40 paralegals and 400 total employees working in 11 regional offices, we are now one of the largest insurance defense firms in Florida.

When opening their two-lawyer firm in 1979, our founders decided that downtown Hollywood, Florida would serve as the strategic site for the firm’s offices.  This location, which is within a 15 minute drive to Fort Lauderdale and a 25 minute drive to Miami, allowed the firm to effectively meet the legal needs of clients in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  Out of this office, our founding attorneys developed and expanded their legal practice by focusing on two primary areas: handling liability work for insurance carriers and self-insureds and defending clients in workers’ compensation matters.

Developing a Regional Network

Over the years, Conroy Simberg has grown in size by developing highly talented partners and associates capable of expanding and diversifying the firm’s areas of legal practice.  Conroy Simberg has also increased its physical presence by opening additional office sites in strategic locations across Florida and Georgia.  In 1990, the firm decided to open its second site in West Palm Beach, Florida to better serve the legal demands of insurance companies and businesses operating in this region of the state.

A few years later, the firm further expanded its operations by establishing two new offices in Orlando and Fort Myers, Florida.  Shortly thereafter, the Miami and Pensacola offices were added.  In 2002, the firm opened its office in Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee, followed by locations in Tampa in 2003 and Jacksonville in 2005. Conroy Simberg opened an office in Naples in 2013 and in Thomasville, Georgia in 2017 increasing the total to 11 office sites strategically positioned across the region.

Cooperation and Collaboration

Throughout its course of expansion, Conroy Simberg has always concentrated on meeting the legal demands of its clients.  While the firm has grown from two attorneys in 1979 to more than 150 lawyers today, we remain committed to our core principle of consistently delivering high-quality, personalized legal services at a fair and reasonable price.  The legal professionals in our 11 offices work as a cohesive team, regularly sharing resources and consulting with one another to resolve complex legal matters.

This culture of cooperation and collaboration has enabled our firm to attract and develop a strong team of highly qualified legal professionals devoted to serving the legal needs of our clients.  These professionals focus on building strong relationships with our clients and partner with them to design legal plans and approaches that best support their important business goals and financial objectives.