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Dedicated Appellate Advocacy

Successful appellate advocacy requires highly skilled attorneys with an extensive knowledge of the law and a mastery of complex rules of procedure.  At Conroy Simberg, our dedicated appellate department handles appeals in state and federal courts throughout Florida.  The lawyers in our appellate team counsel and represent clients in all areas of civil law, including referrals of matters tried by other law firms.

The appellate attorneys at Conroy Simberg have decades of appellate practice experience and several are board certified in appellate practice.  Our appellate attorneys are admitted in all state and federal courts in Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Proactive Appellate Strategies

At Conroy Simberg, our attorneys take a proactive approach to appellate advocacy. We understand that successful outcomes on appeal often require extensive groundwork early in the litigation process, well before final judgment.  As a result, the members of our appellate practice team are actively involved in cases throughout the entire litigation process. Our attorneys regularly research and prepare a variety of motions and petitions, ranging from pretrial to post-trial motions, as well as filing and defending petitions for extraordinary relief. We work closely with trial attorneys to identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and issues for appeal.  Our appellate attorneys carefully analyze cases and attend trials to develop legal strategies and make certain the record is properly preserved for appeal.

Conroy Simberg’s dedicated appellate practice department allows our firm to take immediate action to resolve complex legal and procedural issues.  Our appellate attorneys have extensive experience handling emergency issues that may arise at trial and are readily available to provide emergency guidance and assistance.

Our appellate team also offers significant litigation support to lawyers working in our firm’s 11 offices and provides written opinions to clients on a complete range of legal issues.  Attorneys in the appellate practice department also regularly work with counsel outside of the firm to draft and argue significant motions when necessary or advisable.

Strategic Advocacy at all Stages of the Litigation Process

Since our inception, Conroy Simberg has emerged as a leading civil defense firm with approximately 150 attorneys working in 11 offices covering all the major cities of Florida.  Our lawyers collaborate across a diverse range of practice areas, working as a team to resolve cases quickly and successfully.  In each case that we handle, our attorneys provide clients with personalized service and attention, taking the time to explain the complicated laws and legal procedures that may impact their case.   

Conroy Simberg is proud of the nationwide reputation we have established for providing strategic advocacy at all stages of the litigation process. Our firm has worked to establish an experienced and highly dedicated group of appellate attorneys focused on developing tactics and strategies designed to successfully conclude the litigation process.