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COVID-19: General Liability

COVID-19 will undoubtedly trigger a new and uncharted wave of litigation in the general and premises liability areas.  Conroy Simberg’s litigators have the experience and resources necessary to assist you in evaluating and defending these claims. 

We anticipate that the Plaintiff’s bar will attempt to argue that properties and establishments failed to anticipate and put procedures in place to safeguard invitees from contagious diseases, including COVID-19.  In addition, we foresee that, in an attempt to establish liability for this novel pandemic, they may assert that property and business owners failed to follow CDC guidelines in maintaining their properties and/or in operating their businesses. 

The Conroy Simberg team is ready to defend property and business owners from COVID-19 claims.  In addition to standard tort defenses, our litigation team is focused on several key areas of defense to COVID-19 claims, including: (1) whether there is a duty on the part of the property/business owner to protect invitees against a pandemic, especially where, as here, the government and scientist’s guidance is unclear and at times, inconsistent; (2) whether the Plaintiff will be able to demonstrate how and where the Plaintiff may have contracted the virus and (3) whether the Plaintiff’s expert(s) can withstand Daubert scrutiny.  Conroy Simberg’s litigation team stands ready to use all available tools to protect and defend you against COVID-19 claims and lawsuits.