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Class Actions

Class Action Lawsuit Defense

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg are nationally recognized for their ability to provide skilled legal defense in a wide range of class action lawsuits. Our lawyers draw upon their decades of insurance defense experience to aggressively defend insurers in class action lawsuits involving insurance coverage and policy-related issues. These cases encompass a wide range of allegations, including the misinterpretation of policy provisions, inappropriate group coverage, undervaluation of claims, and issues involving Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance.

The attorneys at our firm have also represented clients in a variety of other class action cases, ranging from mass tort litigation, including asbestos claims, to pharmaceutical and medical devices. Our representation in class action matters has included defending companies in national cases involving thick film ignition (TFI) systems, the installation of aftermarket auto parts and MMR immunizations.

Collaborating Across Practices Areas

We have developed a team of attorneys with diverse legal specialties working in ten offices throughout Florida. These legal professionals operate as a cohesive group, collaborating across all practice areas to design legal strategies and solutions that best serve our clients’ goals and objectives. This integrated approach allows our lawyers to manage class action cases by coordinating case reviews and analyses, sharing resources, and drawing upon the most skilled experts to investigate and evaluate cases.

Our firm understands that class action lawsuits involve complex and sophisticated legal issues. These cases require experienced litigators with an in-depth understanding of both the laws and industries particular to your case. When defending a complex class action suit, our objective is to settle the case or secure an early dismissal. When settlement or dismissal cannot be achieved, our trial attorneys litigate class action cases through all levels of the federal and state court systems.

Keeping You Informed

Conroy Simberg was founded on the belief that all clients deserve individual attention and personalized service. Our attorneys promptly respond to inquiries and keep clients apprised of all legal developments that impact their case. We work side by side with our clients, regularly discussing critical legal issues in an effort to create the strongest and most effective defense.

Our firm is proud of our reputation for providing skilled legal representation and personalized attention to companies facing class action lawsuits. We know that when a client is involved in a class action matter, a great deal is at stake. Not only do these suits typically involve millions of dollars, they can also seriously harm a company’s reputation and position in the marketplace. When our firm is defending a class action case, we swiftly assemble an experienced team of legal professionals. This team is managed by a seasoned partner who works to develop key legal strategies and oversees all activities associated with the case. Together, the legal team strives to resolve class action lawsuits as quickly as possible, limiting the client’s exposure and containing the costs associated with potentially damaging litigation.