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Mass Tort

Experienced Mass Tort Defense

Conroy Simberg has decades of experience defending clients in complex mass tort litigation. Our firm represents a diverse range of defendants, including employers, health care providers, pharmacists, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers nationwide and throughout the southeast. We have served as national coordinating counsel and regional and local trial counsel for defendants named in mass tort and class action lawsuits involving products liability claims, asbestos litigation, Oxycontin, Thimerosal, Polidocanol, Ephedra, Vioxx, and Phenylpropanolamine ("PPA") cases, in addition to silica and respiratory protective equipment claims.

Managing Complex Mass Tort Litigation

The legal team at Conroy Simberg recognizes that mass tort litigation can be a long and expensive process. These cases often involve hundreds, if not thousands, of plaintiffs, large numbers of witnesses and experts, and countless documents that must be carefully analyzed and examined in order to develop a successful defense. Our firm aims to minimize the costs and exposures associated with mass tort claims by evaluating cases early in the process and working with our clients to design legal strategies that resolve cases as promptly and economically as possible.

When handling a mass tort action, our firm assembles an experienced team of legal professionals led by a seasoned partner who oversees all activities associated with the case. These attorneys have the skills and resources necessary to manage and streamline all phases of the mass tort litigation, from the earliest stages of discovery through trial and appeals. Our legal professionals are sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients, providing them with timely reports and the information they need to make well-founded decisions in their case.

At Conroy Simberg we know that a successful mass tort defense requires an in-depth understanding of the complex legal and technical issues involved in the case, as well as access to knowledgeable medical and scientific experts. The attorneys in our mass tort practice regularly consult and work with lawyers and experienced nurse paralegals across the firm’s 11 offices. These legal professionals share resources, coordinate case reviews and draw upon industry experts to meticulously examine and evaluate mass tort claims.

Efficient Legal Representation

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg have defended and tried asbestos and other types of mass tort cases on behalf of individuals and entities across the United States. Our firm is widely recognized for our ability to provide skilled and efficient legal representation throughout all stages of mass tort litigation. Our legal professionals have extensive experience coordinating and streamlining legal representation across multiple cases and defendants. This experience has allowed our firm to establish strong relationships with national and legal defense counsel and we are often called upon to serve as local counsel in large multi-state and multidistrict mass tort cases.

Working with clients to formulate legal approaches that settle mass tort cases quickly and cost-effectively is our goal. These types of claims not only threaten our clients’ finances and operations, but they also have the potential to seriously damage their business reputations and position in the marketplace. When defending against a mass tort action, our firm focuses on developing legal approaches that produce optimal results for our clients, while minimizing the high costs and damages often associated with these difficult and complex claims.