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Products Liability

Experienced Products Liability Defense

Conroy Simberg is a leading full-service civil defense law firm with substantial experience representing clients in product liability cases. We handle defense claims for insurance carriers, their insured’s and self-insured organizations involving a diverse array of products. Our legal team defends manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other parties named in all types of products liability cases ranging from defective medical products and devices to faulty exhaust systems and tire failure cases.

Defending against a product liability claim can be a long and demanding process requiring extensive preparation and resources. We appreciate that these types of suits have the potential to destroy a company’s reputation and position in the marketplace. The legal professionals at our Conroy Simberg strive to minimize the costs and exposures associated with products liability cases by evaluating claims early on and collaborating with clients to design legal strategies that resolve cases as promptly and economically as possible.

Providing Extensive Investigations of Product Liability Claims

When handling a products liability case, our firm quickly assembles an experienced team of legal professionals led by a seasoned partner who oversees all activities associated with the case. This team works with our clients to fully understand their product and business operations. Our attorneys conduct extensive research and discovery to identify all of the documents, medical records, evidence, and witness statements necessary to thoroughly investigate the claim and develop a plan of action. We provide detailed and comprehensive reports to our clients and work to ensure that they understand all of the information and legal developments in their case.

The attorneys in our products liability practice regularly collaborate with lawyers and legal professionals working across our firm’s 11 office locations. Our firm has also established an extensive network of engineers and industry experts capable of thoroughly investigating and analyzing complex liability claims. This integrated approach allows our lawyers to effectively manage complex products liability litigation and develop sophisticated legal approaches aimed at settling claims as rapidly as possible.

Protecting Important Business and Financial Interests

Conroy Simberg’s attorneys work with clients to design sound and strategic defense approaches that successfully resolve cases, while protecting important business and financial interests. We know that product liability claims can seriously threaten a company’s stability, finances and ongoing operations. The legal professionals in our products liability practice focus on avoiding litigation by negotiating settlements and using alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration.

When conflicts cannot be resolved in this manner and litigation becomes necessary, our lawyers vigorously defend clients at all stages of the state and federal trial and appellate court processes. Our legal professionals keep clients informed at all stages of litigation and strive to ensure that they understand the laws, regulations and legal precedents that may impact their case.

For more than 40 years, the attorneys at Conroy Simberg have worked to develop a nationwide reputation for providing outstanding services to clients both in and out of the courtroom. Whether the product liability case involves allegations of faulty construction or building materials or a defective pharmaceutical product, our firm develops defense tactics and approaches that aggressively protect and preserve our clients’ legal rights and business operations.