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Heart and Lung, Communicable Diseases & Occupational Exposure

Workers' Compensation Defense Team

The legal team at Conroy Simberg has decades of experience defending employers, insurance carriers, governmental entities, and self-insureds in all aspects of workers' compensation matters. Our workers compensation attorneys are particularly recognized for their strength in defending cases involving Florida s Heart and Lung and Communicable Diseases Presumptive Statutes, as well as occupational disease and exposure claims. We are uniquely qualified to advise clients on these types of actions and have successfully defended these cases in multiple jurisdictions in Florida.

  • Heart & Lung Statute: Florida Statute 112.18, commonly known as the Heart/Lung Bill, is designed to offer added legal protection for police, fireman and correctional officers who suffer with heart disease, high blood pressure or tuberculosis. The statute affords these particular employees a “presumption” that their heart, high blood pressure or tuberculosis condition was caused by their employment, shifting the burden to the employer to prove that the disease was not a result of the worker s occupation.
  • Communicable Disease Statute: Florida Statute 112.181 is designed to give firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers and correctional officers who contract a communicable disease a “presumption” that the disease was contracted during the course of their employment. This statute applies specifically to hepatitis, meningococcal meningitis and tuberculosis. Similar to the Heart & Lung Statute, the burden shifts to the employer to show that the communicable disease was not contracted during the course of employment.
  • Occupational Disease & Exposure Claims: Employers can be subject to workers compensation claims based on allegations that the work environment exposed employees to harmful substances, including toxic chemicals and contaminants. These types of actions may involve claims that the work environment caused a worker to suffer health damages, injuries or wrongful death.
  • Heart & Lung, Communicable Disease & Occupational Exposure Cases: At Conroy Simberg, we vigorously defend against complex workers compensation claims. A successful defense requires highly skilled attorneys with an in-depth understanding of the legal, medical and technical issues that often arise in cases involving Florida's Heart and Lung and Communicable Diseases Presumptive Statutes, as well as occupational disease and exposure claims.

The legal professionals in our workers compensation practice are highly regarded for their legal and medical expertise. Our lawyers regularly attend scientific and medical seminars to stay on top of emerging trends and developments and consult with medical experts to better understand how disease processes work.

When handling a case, our legal team focuses on resolving the claim as quickly and economically as possible. We aim to avoid costly litigation by negotiating effective resolutions and our attorneys also have extensive experience settling cases through mediation and arbitration. When a claim cannot be resolved through these processes, we are prepared to vigorously defend our clients at all stages of litigation. Our attorneys are skilled litigators with years of experience representing clients in federal and state courts and administrative proceedings.

At Conroy Simberg, we are proud of the strong reputation we have established for successfully defending complex workers compensation claims. The legal professionals in our firm are focused on providing personalized service and attention to every client. From the initial investigation of a claim through the ultimate resolution, we work with our clients to develop strategies and solutions that best serve their needs, goals and objectives.