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Workers' Compensation Defense

Conroy Simberg represents employers, self-insureds, insurance companies, TPAs, excess carriers and public entities in all types of workers’ compensation actions.  As a number of our attorneys are board certified by The Florida Bar in Workers’ Compensation Law, we effectively move cases through the legal system quickly, while vigorously defending our clients’ interests in court.

Our legal team handles all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, from initial investigation to file closure.  We aggressively defend our clients’ positions and push for quick settlements when it is in the best interest of the Employer and Carrier.  When a trial is necessary, our attorneys combine their legal knowledge and courtroom experience to achieve winning results for our clients.

Our workers’ compensation team prides itself on its extensive knowledge and skills with respect to the legal and medical aspects which co-exist in every workers’ compensation claim.  Our experience extends to handling even the most catastrophic of injuries including, but not limited to, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, exposures to deleterious substances, sick-building syndrome, and infectious diseases such as AIDS/HIV.  Moreover, our Firm has a unique and in-depth medical and legal understanding of Florida’s two first responder statutes:  (a) the “heart and lung” statute covering heart diseases, hypertension and tuberculosis; and (b) the “communicable disease” statute covering Hepatitis C, meningococcal meningitis and tuberculosis.

Conroy Simberg is passionate about the war against fraud perpetrated by workers, and the war against drug abuse in the workplace.  Our firm focuses on developing aggressive and successful defenses to fraud claims. We have decades of experience partnering with expert toxicologists and medical professionals to prevail in proving that workplace accidents were caused by the intoxication of the employee.

An indicator of Conroy Simberg’s extensive legal skill and experience is highlighted through our work in the construction industry. We incorporate our intimate knowledge of the inter-relationships between general contractors and subcontractors in coverage issues associated within the construction claims. 

Additionally, Conroy Simberg recognizes the growth of leasing companies and PEOs to rank among some of the largest employers in the region. Our attorneys are experienced in representing the special needs and laws governing such entities.  Another noteworthy partnership is our firm’s longstanding relationship with the Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association. (FWCIGA).

Our workers’ compensation team at Conroy Simberg employs a strong understanding of the diverse foundational issues associated with workers’ compensation claims, such as immunity, jurisdiction, statute of limitations, other affirmative compensable defenses and Coverage B.  Whether the issue is causation, apportionment, permanent total disability, subrogation, or even representation in the most dangerous and contentious of litigation associated with Aguilera suits, our firm provides a full service and zealous defense in every workers’ compensation claim, irrespective of the legal and/or medical issues at hand.