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Litigation Support

Dedicated and Experienced Litigation Support Team

Since our inception, Conroy Simberg has emerged as a leading civil defense firm with approximately 150 attorneys working in 11 offices across the State of Florida. Our lawyers collaborate across a diverse range of practice areas, sharing resources and working as a cohesive team to develop legal strategies and solutions that best serve our clients’ goals and objectives.

In an effort to further coordinate our legal services, Conroy Simberg has established a dedicated litigation support team to provide broad-based litigation services to attorneys and legal professionals working in all of our firm’s practice departments and office locations. The attorneys in our litigation support practice are highly skilled lawyers with decades of litigation experience. Several of our attorneys have earned board certification by the Florida Bar as specialists in the field of appellate law and are well known for their ability to design exceptional trial and appellate court strategies. Our litigation support attorneys are admitted in all Florida state and federal courts, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Providing Support to our Firm, In-house Counsel and Other Law Firms

The litigation support department at Conroy Simberg serves as the central research center for the firm. Our lawyers research complex legal issues and advise attorneys working throughout our firm’s diverse practice departments. They prepare a variety of motions and petitions and work directly with our trial attorneys to analyze complex cases. These attorneys monitor litigation, attend trials to evaluate legal arguments and issues, prepare jury instructions, argue dispositive motions and make certain the trial record is properly preserved for appeal.

Our attorneys not only provide skilled litigation support for our own cases, but we also service in-house counsel and other law firms that may need assistance before, during or after trial in order to ensure that all appellate issues have been properly preserved. In addition, the legal professionals in our litigation support practice regularly work with legal counsel outside of the firm to draft and argue significant motions when necessary or advisable.

Resolving Complex Legal and Procedural Issues

The attorneys on our litigation support team take immediate action to quickly and effectively resolve complex legal and procedural issues. Because we have a dedicated litigation support department comprised of attorneys who do not handle their own litigation caseload, the department always has attorneys available on an emergency basis to assist trial lawyers on short notice.

Conroy Simberg is proud of the innovative approaches we have taken to ensure that our clients receive top-notch legal advocacy at all stages of the litigation process. Through the provision of highly skilled legal services and expertise, our litigation support department has emerged as a vital component of both our firm’s and our clients’ strategies and success.