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Tallahassee Attorneys Prevail on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on September 19, 2023

Joshua C. Canton, a partner in the firm's Tallahassee, Florida office, along with Justin B. Hales, an associate in the firm’s Tallahassee, Florida office, recently prevailed on a Motion to Declare the Defendant Immune from Civil Action pursuant to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law. Mr. Canton and Mr. Hales successfully argued that while there was an altercation at the Defendant’s place of employment, Defendant had no duty to retreat, Plaintiff’s spittle and forehead hit the Defendant and placed the Defendant in imminent fear for his safety, and the Defendant was immune from prosecution as he was authorized to stand his ground and use non-deadly force when he struck Plaintiff.

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