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First Party Defense Verdict Obtained in a Hurricane Michael Trial

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on December 2, 2021

Michael Bonfanti and Joshua Canton, partners in the firm’s Tallahassee office, and their associate Taylor Hansford obtained a defense verdict in a Hurricane Michael first party property case tried over three days in Bay County, Florida.  The Plaintiffs argued at trial that their home was a total loss due to structural damage to the pilings by the hurricane. The Defendant argued that the home had no structural damage, was repairable, and that the Defendant had already paid its insureds the reasonable costs to repair the home prior to litigation. The jury awarded $0.00 for repair of the home. The Plaintiffs also failed to secure a verdict above the expired exclusive Proposals for Settlement served upon each Plaintiff, thus entitling the Defendant to recover its attorney’s fees.  

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Defense Verdict Obtained in Products Liability Case

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on October 27, 2021

Cristobal Casal, Managing Partner of the Fort Myers office, and Brian Buczynski, an Associate, obtained a defense verdict in a products liability personal injury lawsuit involving an exploding lithium ion battery that Plaintiff was using in an electronic cigarette device.  The client was sued for selling a lithium ion battery that was alleged to have design defects that allowed it to short-circuit, catch on fire, and cause the Plaintiff to suffer second and third degree burns to his left hand.  The Plaintiff was a middle aged information technology worker who claimed that he had lost grip strength in his hand, was suffering from mild carpal tunnel disorder, and tremors and shaking that were not present before the date of the event.  Plaintiff boarded more than $77,000.00 in incurred medical expenses and asked the jury to award up to $3,300,000.00 during closing argument.  The trial took place over five days in Sarasota County, Florida.  The jury deliberated for 90 minutes before rendering their verdict in favor of the defense and finding no entitlement to damages.  The client will be entitled to pursue its attorneys’ fees and costs as there was a Proposal for Settlement served on the Plaintiff that was allowed to lapse. 

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Diminution of Value Case Tried in Clay County

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on October 6, 2021

Courtney Cargill, an associate in our Jacksonville office, recently tried a diminution of value case in Clay County. Plaintiff argued the accident caused by the Defendant resolved in more than $14,000.00 in damages and cause his 2021 Mazda to diminish in value by more than $8,000.00. The defense admitted liability, but argued the Plaintiff was made whole when he successfully traded in his vehicle and received more than his expert’s estimated value. Without his expert, Plaintiff was unable to prove his case and the Judge ruled in favor of the defense.

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Orlando Attorneys Obtained Favorable Verdict in Orange County

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on August 10, 2021

Rod Lundy, a partner, and Tylar Heintz, an associate, both of our Orlando office, obtained a favorable verdict in Orange County, Florida before Judge Denise Beamer. Plaintiff was a pedestrian in the crosswalk when contacted by the collapsible mirror of defendant's vehicle which was making a left across plaintiff's path of travel. The incident was captured on a traffic video camera. Defendant admitted liability but argued comparative fault, causation, and damages.

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Defense Verdict Obtained in First Party Property Case

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on July 28, 2021

Cristobal Casal, managing partner, and Elliott Tubbs, an associate, in the firm’s Fort Myers office, obtained a defense verdict in a first party property case tried over 2 days in Lee County, Florida.  Plaintiff was a water mitigation contractor and claimed that the home was damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma and that the insurance carrier breached the subject policy of insurance by denying the claim.  The jury found that the Plaintiff had not met their burden of proving that the home was damaged within the policy period.

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