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Defending Yourself and Your Company from a Professional Liability Lawsuit in Florida

Posted in Legal Alerts on August 23, 2023

Protecting your Florida professional license and livelihood from a lawsuit alleging deficits in professional liability can be complicated. While you may understand the details of how to perform in your chosen field, interpreting the laws governing your industry can be outside of your area of expertise.

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Developing Aggressive and Successful Approaches for Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims

Posted in Legal Alerts on August 10, 2023

Building a strong strategy to successfully litigate the insurer’s side of a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim in Florida is a challenging task. Protecting the company’s interests is paramount, and there are numerous approaches that can provide the proof needed to reduce the damages owed when a worker is suspected of committing fraud.

Developing aggressive and successful approaches for Florida workers’ compensation fraud requires experienced attorneys with a well-established background in presenting solid evidence of wrongdoing. Let’s examine some tactics that can strengthen your arguments against fraudulent claims.

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Current Florida Law Regarding the Liability of Commercial Property Owners

Posted in Legal Alerts on August 2, 2023

Commercial property owners face a number of potential lawsuit risks from the nature of their business. Shoppers, visitors, vendors, and residents visit malls, amusement parks, manufacturing shops, and other establishments throughout the day and night. Accidents such as slip-and-falls can occur frequently.

Keeping properties safe and well-maintained can go a long way to heading off these legal actions, but it’s wise to stay aware of current legislation. Owners need to understand the types of access individuals may have to the property, recent changes to the law, and ways to protect their businesses against lawsuits. Knowing more about potential liability issues helps you avoid expensive and time-consuming claims.

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What Every Business Should Know About Errors and Omissions Insurance

Posted in Legal Alerts on June 12, 2023

Errors and omissions insurance is another name for professional liability insurance. If your company provides professional services, you could be at risk when a customer is unsatisfied with the services they received from you or your company. Your errors and omissions insurance would protect you against claims of negligence, mistakes, and inadequate work. This is crucial coverage. Otherwise, a single lawsuit could bankrupt your business and force it to close. For that reason, many business owners view E&O insurance as insurance they cannot afford to be without. In fact, companies should err on the side of caution if they are in doubt about whether they need this type of insurance.

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Final Summary Judgment Secured In Trucking Accident Case

Posted in Legal Alerts on May 25, 2023

John Viggiani and Jesse Dyer recently prevailed on a motion for final summary judgment in a personal injury action arising from a trucking accident in Duval County, Florida, in which the plaintiff was rendered paraplegic. The defendant was an international transportation services company, against whom the plaintiff alleged theories of negligent brokering and vicarious liability. The Court concluded that the plaintiff’s vicarious liability claim failed as a matter of law because the entity that brokered the shipment was acting outside the scope of any agency relationship which may have existed with the defendant. The Court concluded that the plaintiff’s negligent brokering claim failed as a matter of law because the defendant did not act as a broker for the specific transaction at issue.

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