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Common Claims in Breweries and Wineries and How to Address Them

Posted in Legal Alerts on November 18, 2022

The boom in craft breweries and premium wineries means there are more entrants into the business. Insurance companies are seeing a corresponding uptick in claims from breweries and wineries. The current economic conditions, especially inflation and labor shortages, are introducing new risks and increasing old ones at these businesses. Brewery and winery companies should seek out advice on risk mitigation strategies to help avoid large losses. Here are some of the most common claims insurers see resulting from operations at wineries and breweries.

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Mitigating the Risk of Insurance Fraud With AI

Posted in Legal Alerts on November 9, 2022

The United States insurance industry is worth over $1 trillion spread across thousands of companies. Each year, insurance fraud conservatively costs these companies over $80 billion. These costs are ultimately passed along to consumers in the form of higher premiums. Insurance companies must stay one step ahead of those who seek to defraud them, and it is not easy to do so given the sophisticated methods fraudsters may use. One way that insurance companies can enhance their own anti-fraud capabilities is through the burgeoning technology of artificial intelligence.

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Lack of Healthcare Professionals Leading to Rise in Professional Liability and Workers' Comp Claims

Posted in Legal Alerts on October 21, 2022

The nationwide labor shortage is changing how a wide range of services are provided throughout the country. It is growing increasingly difficult to find adequate staff in both skilled and unskilled professions. Adding fuel to the fire, COVID-19 has changed the workforce in many ways. Some employees are no longer able to work because of the symptoms of long-haul COVID, while others have left the workforce altogether. One particular area where the labor shortage has caused a serious impact is the healthcare field. 

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Tallahassee Attorneys Obtain a Defense Verdict in a First Party Windstorm Case

Posted in Legal Alerts on October 20, 2022

Joshua Canton, Michael Bonfanti, and Taylor Hansford from the firm’s Tallahassee, Florida office recently tried a first party windstorm case in Flagler County. The Plaintiffs argued at trial that the damage to the tile roof and interior of the home was caused by a non-catastrophic windstorm. The Defendant argued that the damage to tile roof was the result of wear, tear, and/or deterioration. The Defendant also argued the interior damage was excluded from coverage as it was not the result of a wind created opening caused by a peril insured against. The jury found for the Defendant and awarded the Plaintiffs nothing ($0) for repair of the home. 

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Contractor Fraud and Abuse Negatively Impacting the Florida Insurance Industry

Posted in Legal Alerts on October 10, 2022

The Florida property insurance market is in dire financial straits, and the situation is getting worse. Insurance companies are struggling to do business in the state, leaving homeowners to pay the price through reduced coverage and higher premiums. Many of the problems the insurance industry faces are the result of unscrupulous contractors who raise the cost of doing business for insurance companies. Many insurers have left the state in the face of insurmountable challenges. While the state has responded by attempting to reform the industry, many of the root causes of the insurance crisis remain unaddressed.

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