Defending Yourself and Your Company from a Professional Liability Lawsuit in Florida

Posted in Legal Alerts on August 23, 2023

Protecting your Florida professional license and livelihood from a lawsuit alleging deficits in professional liability can be complicated. While you may understand the details of how to perform in your chosen field, interpreting the laws governing your industry can be outside of your area of expertise.

Instead of facing these claims against you or your organization on your own, you should invest in the services of a qualified professional liability attorney in Florida. At Conroy Simberg, our attorneys are experienced in managing the materials necessary to defend your credibility, reputation, and license before the appropriate state courts and oversight boards.

Professional Liability Claims Can Be Damaging to Your Career

These claims are not simply a nuisance. They can become serious enough to dismantle your career and close your business if left unaddressed. In addition to promptly responding to allegations, you must do so with discretion to prevent negative impacts on your reputation.

It can be overwhelming trying to learn how to respond to a claim of liability and protect your good name while also continuing to do your job. You need guidance from seasoned professionals who will manage the legal complexities on your behalf, using their knowledge and experience to protect your interests. They must also maintain the highest confidentiality to ensure you suffer no reputational or other aftermath when the case is closed.

In addition to managing claims when they appear, it’s useful to have a standing relationship with a qualified professional liability law firm. These attorneys will audit your company or practice regularly and help prevent problems before they arise. Risk management is a key component for any business that hopes to run smoothly.

You Should Aggressively Protect Your Professional Reputation

When a client or customer brings accusations of professional negligence against you individually or your company, you must take the matter seriously. In addition to protecting your reputation, you will need to address the allegations honestly and quickly. Working with a skilled Florida professional liability defense law firm can allow you to build a tailored strategy designed to help you achieve your desired results.

At Conroy Simberg, we examine your specific circumstances and gather all relevant information so we can customize our defense approach for the best possible outcome. We investigate the claimant, looking for evidence that may negate their accusations. We research you and your company’s compliance with licensing and professional requirements, emphasizing how the allegations are unfounded.

We also focus on maintaining client confidentiality to protect your personal reputation and that of your business. Our attorneys strive to attack professional liability problems head-on, working with licensing boards to establish your innocence and reaching an appropriate agreement quickly. We minimize public exposure and allow you to get back to your career.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Liability Defense Law Firm

Defending against allegations of negligence is not only about representing you in a hearing or courtroom. Your professional liability defense firm will also provide other services, such as:

  • Experienced legal guidance: Not every mistake or error you might make gives rise to a valid claim for professional liability. Our attorneys can examine claims and advise you on how to respond appropriately.
  • Responses to inquiries and complaints: We will manage communications on your behalf to prevent further concerns and set expectations.
  • Professional representation: We are by your side before professional licensing and grievance boards, ensuring your case is presented in the best light and with proper legal protocols.
  • Guidance on ethics: We advise you on what is required by your profession in terms of response and remedy to complaints.
  • Expert testimony: We maintain a network of experts in varying fields who can testify on your behalf regarding actions and claims, persuading committees and courts to your side.
  • Establishing liable parties: In some instances, a claimant is wrongly accusing you of a mistake when the cause is elsewhere. We will investigate and determine all liable parties to ensure they are appropriately held accountable.

Minimizing the effects of a professional liability claim with aggressive representation can also benefit you financially. First, you can reduce any negative impression of your business, which could affect the flow of clients or customers. Second, you also can avoid the risk of losing your professional liability insurance, such as malpractice coverage, or facing a large increase in your premiums. This can happen whether the claim has merit or not.

What You Can Do to Aid Your Defense

When you are accused of professional negligence, your first reaction is likely to respond by fiercely denying the allegation. You may want to make a public statement or at least contact the claimant to set them straight. This often natural instinct is actually one of the most damaging.

There are some key actions you can take that will benefit your situation much more than attempting to work things out with the claimant. Some of these include:

Speak With a Professional Liability Defense Firm Right Away

The first call you should make is to your defense lawyer to advise them of the situation and ask for their advice. Continue to conduct business as usual until you are able to meet with your defense attorney and begin creating an action plan.

Be Transparent with Your Attorney

Tell them everything. When someone is challenging your reputation and alleging misconduct or a mistake, you must share every detail so your attorney can be fully prepared. It won’t benefit you to hold back anything that could appear later in a hearing or courtroom. You can be sure that the opposing counsel will have done their homework and found anything that can be used to help them and hurt you.

Tell your lawyer everything you know about the situation, and report anything else you discover or remember as it comes up. Describe the services you provided, what you charged, and any documents related to the service. Outline any attempts to rectify the problem or complaint before the client filed their claim. If the client has issued specific demands, provide those to your attorney.

Report Arrests, Charges, Convictions, or Other Legal Concerns to Your Defense Firm

Recall that much of professional liability defense relies on being proactive by taking measures before something becomes a problem. This includes having an ongoing relationship with a professional liability defense firm and keeping them updated on legal complications you face.

If you are stopped for DUI, the resulting arrest alone could put your license at risk. If a client is making a professional negligence claim against you, their attorney will seize any opportunity to portray you in a bad light. If your lawyers are already aware of the situation, they can work to minimize the effects on your licensing and any liability cases.

Make Your Reputation Defense a Priority

If you lose your license to practice, you lose your livelihood. All of your years of education and hard work will mean little if you can no longer do the job you’ve relied on for your identity and income. Defending your reputation and ability to maintain your licenses and/or certifications must become the top concern until the situation is resolved.

Your liability defense attorney can work closely with you so you understand what actions to take. We will ensure you are aware of all hearings, negotiations, and discussions for your case and help you prepare for your appearances.

Contact Conroy Simberg to Learn More About Defending Yourself and Your Company in Florida

Facing an accusation against your ethics, professionalism, and skill is always daunting. You feel it on a personal level, as well as worry about its effects on your company’s reputation. Don’t take any chances when it comes to defending yourself and your business from professional liability claims in Florida.

Our law firm can rely on the years of experience our legal team has working with lawyers, accountants, engineers, physicians, and other licensed professionals. From license defense to insurance claims, we stand by those in our community who provide essential services but are at risk of damaging claims. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.