Tiffany Miles Wins a Daubert Motion

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on November 14, 2022

Orlando associate attorney, Tiffany Miles, recently won a “Daubert” Motion, striking a plaintiff’s tire manufacturing and design engineer expert with over thirty years of experience in an auto negligence case pending in Volusia County, Florida. Ms. Miles deposed the expert engineer and composed the motion, arguing that per Fla. Stat. 90.702(1), the expert had come to conclusions that were speculative, bore no relation to the facts of the case, were not based upon “sufficient facts or data” to stand alone, and were rife with inadmissible “inference stacking.” After an evidentiary hearing with a proffer by the Plaintiff and cross-examination of the tire expert, the Court granted defendant’s motion in full; finding the expert had not relied upon the facts of the sufficient to meet the standard of admissibility of expert testimony. The Court refused to admit any testimony by the expert at trial.