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Proudly Serving the Healthcare Industry

Conroy Simberg is widely recognized for delivering comprehensive legal representation to individuals and organizations working throughout the healthcare industry.  Our legal team has an extensive understanding of the complex healthcare industry and the ever-changing laws and regulations impacting its operations.   We leverage this knowledge to develop legal solutions that best serve our healthcare clients’ needs, goals and objectives.

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg have decades of experience representing a wide range of institutional and individual healthcare providers, including:

  • Hospitals and health care systems, including psychiatric and other specialty hospitals
  • Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other types of long term care facilities
  • Physicians and dentists
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Allied health professionals
  • Orthotists and pedorthists
  • Pharmacists and retail pharmacies

Providing Comprehensive Legal Services to the Healthcare Industry

Conroy Simberg is proud of the reputation we have built for delivering high quality legal services to professionals and facilities operating across the healthcare industry.  With approximately 150 attorneys working in 11 offices in Florida and Georgia, our diverse legal team has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle and resolve all types of legal matters facing the healthcare industry, including:

  • Medical malpractice and dental malpractice cases
  • Administrative law, including licensing and disciplinary actions
  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment law issues
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • General liability and casualty claims
  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices cases
  • Long term care, nursing home and assisted living facilities cases
  • Premises liability claims

Our Regional Practice Group Approach

Every case that we handle is unique. As such, our lawyers are committed to providing the personalized service and attention that each client deserves, because what works for one case may not work for another.  We understand that a great deal is at stake when a healthcare client is involved in a legal action: lengthy litigation not only impacts our clients’ finances and operations, but it can also put licenses at risk and seriously damage professional reputations.

Conroy Simberg aims to resolve legal claims and disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Our firm uses a state-wide practice group approach to deliver highly responsive and skillful representation to our healthcare industry clients.  Many of the legal professionals at our firm have extensive backgrounds in the healthcare field, including former employment as respiratory therapists and nursing professionals.  We combine this in-depth understanding of the industry with our 30-plus years of experience in the field of healthcare law to secure optimal outcomes for our clients.

On Top Of the Changing Market

Healthcare laws and regulations are constantly changing. Conroy Simberg helps clients navigate the complex legal landscape of the healthcare industry.  Our attorneys are actively involved in legal, medical, and insurance industry organizations, including:

  • American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)
  • International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC)
  • Physician Insurer Association of America (PIAA)

We regularly offer educational programs for healthcare providers and institutions and closely monitor new and emerging laws and trends to ensure that our clients are fully aware of critical developments that may impact their operations.