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Meeting the Needs of the Retail Industry

For more than three decades, Conroy Simberg has served as a key partner for companies operating in the retail industry.  Our law firm understands the vast legal and businesses challenges retailers face in today’s difficult economic environment.  

The attorneys at our firm are committed to providing personalized legal representation to all types of retail establishments, ranging from small independent stores to mid-sized companies to large national retail chains and shopping malls.  Regardless of the size or type of retail establishment, our legal team develops sound legal strategies that best serve the unique needs and business objectives of our clients.  

Conroy Simberg is a full-service civil defense firm with lawyers practicing in a diverse range of legal areas.  We work as cohesive legal team across our 11 offices in Florida and Georgia to deliver high quality and consistent legal services to retail industry clients operating in all jurisdictions throughout the state.  This integrated approach allows our legal team to act quickly and respond to clients facing all types of liability claims, ranging from slip and falls and inadequate maintenance to negligent security and physical attacks.  

Our depth and breadth of experience also positions our firm to provide skilled legal counsel to retailers on matters of construction law, workers’ compensation, employment law and general commercial litigation disputes.

Building Strong Relationships

The legal professionals at Conroy Simberg aim to establish strong and lasting relationships with every client.  We value our retail industry clients and invest in understanding their unique needs, concerns and objectives.  Our attorneys know that our clients deserve tremendous service and they strive to be responsive and accessible at all times.  

At Conroy Simberg, we appreciate that liability claims and lawsuits are significant events for our retail industry clients.  Our legal team works to reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with these types of legal actions by maintaining clear and consistent communication with our clients.  We keep clients informed throughout all stages of their case and collaborate with them to develop legal defenses and strategies that rapidly and successfully resolve their claims.

Cutting-Edge Issues

Conroy Simberg is well known for being at the forefront of legal issues impacting our clients’ businesses and operations. The attorneys at our firm have an in-depth knowledge of the laws and industry standards governing businesses operating throughout the retail industry.   

We actively participate in key legal and industry associations, including the Defense Research Institute (DRI), and remain on top of cutting-edge laws and industry trends.    We use this knowledge and experience to counsel and defend our clients against the wide range of liabilities and legal claims that can arise within the retail industry.