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Railroad Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg have resolved legal issues and litigated claims commonly confronted by railroad companies.  Our attorneys understand the federal and state statutes and regulations that govern the daily operations of the railroad.  We advise and represent railroad companies on a broad spectrum of issues relating to the railroad industry, including:

A portion of our railroad practice involves the defense of personal injury claims brought by railroad employees under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). FELA is the federal statute that serves as the exclusive remedy for employees who are injured in the course of their employment with a railroad company.  

Having an understanding of FELA and the laws and regulations related thereto puts our attorneys in a prime position to represent railroad companies.

Immediate Response Time

When a railroad accident occurs, Conroy Simberg appreciates the urgency that the situation demands and works with the railroad to make sure that there is a thorough investigation of the incident. We understand the crucial importance of interviewing key witnesses and preserving vital evidence.  We also have experience with railroad scene reenactments and work with railroad companies to reconstruct accidents and assess alleged injuries.

In each matter that we handle, our lawyers are focused on providing prompt and detailed case evaluations.  Legal claims can be highly disruptive and very costly.  Our attorneys work closely with railroad companies to develop strategies that manage costs and close out cases as quickly as possible.

We are experienced trial attorneys who use our litigation training to fully assess the risks and identify the best options available for each of our clients.  While we strive to avoid long and expensive courtroom battles, when it is in the best interest of a client, our lawyers will launch an aggressive defense throughout at all stages of the litigation process.

Diverse Legal Talent

Conroy Simberg prides itself on its diverse and extensive legal talent.  We have nearly 150 attorneys working in 11 offices located in Florida and Georgia.  Our lawyers work across our firm’s diverse practice areas as a cohesive team, bringing a multidisciplinary perspective to complex legal issues and claims.  Our comprehensive approach results in legal solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and aimed at resolving cases effectively and economically.