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Leveraging Technology to Protect Companies from Big Verdicts

Posted in Profile Stories on September 1, 2021

Many companies are taken to court for a variety of false claims, fraudulent allegations, and more that result in the businesses paying out exorbitant sums of money, sometimes considered “nuclear verdicts” because they can completely bankrupt a company, destroying it like a nuclear bomb. Massive punitive damages, commonly exceeding $10 million, can damage a company’s reputation all because of a false or extremely misleading narrative. Companies with permanently tarnished reputations may have to change the direction of their business in the future just to stay afloat. To prevent this from occurring, companies in multiple industries are turning to technology to help protect their reputations, predict when fraud is occurring, and prevent unmeritorious claims from being brought against them. This technology could be seen as extreme in some circles, however, using it to protect a business is incredibly common. Security systems with video surveillance have been around for decades and have helped prevent theft of physical items and prove when fraud occurs in some cases. Newer AI-driven technology can increase that level of security and protect a company from lawsuits with potentially big verdicts.

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