Conroy Simberg Attorneys Obtain Defense Verdict in Products Liability Case

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on May 11, 2022

Hollywood partners Seth R. Goldberg, Joshua E. Nathanson, Michael J. Paris and appellate partner Hinda Klein recently obtained a defense verdict. This was a products liability case based upon a claim that the product, a portable generator was defective as it caused severe burns to the plaintiff. The defense was that there was no defect as several hundred of the same generators were sold by the defendant, our client without incident. Despite the fact that the plaintiff told the ER Doctor he was putting gasoline in the generator when it exploded, the plaintiff's attorney asked the jury to ignore this fact and argued that the generator was defective and that is what caused the injuries.

The trial was very contentious and lasted 2 weeks.  Plaintiff asked for $6 million and Seth Goldberg and Josh Nathanson obtained a defense verdict in less than an hour and a half. There was a valid proposal for settlement filed and the defendant will be seeking fees and costs in this matter.