Orlando Attorneys Secure a Favorable Verdict in an Admitted Auto Liability Case

Posted in Verdicts and Settlements on January 30, 2023

Rod Lundy, a partner, and Tylar Heintz, an associate, both of our Orlando office, secured a favorable verdict in an admitted liability auto jury trial where defense experts testified to existence of an non-permanent injury, and defendants conceded $30,000 of the $179,000 in past medicals. As such, the judge granted Plaintiff a directed verdict  on the issue of causation for the soft tissue injuries but allowed the defense to dispute causation and permanency.   
Plaintiff underwent a low back discectomy, foraminotomy, and multiple rhizotomies, and his several doctors opined he needed future back and neck fusions and related care. Additionally, Plaintiff claimed $2 million in future and past medicals, and $8 million in past and future intangibles, asking for over $10 million at trial.    
Plaintiff was 23 at time of 2017 accident and sought damages over the next 50 years. The jury awarded only $39,000 in past medicals and wage loss. No futures and no permanency.