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Bad Faith & Extra Contractual Litigation

Litigation Defense in Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Claims

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg regularly represent insurers facing bad faith and extra contractual claims. We combine our decades of legal experience with a comprehensive understanding of the operations of the insurance industry in order to vigorously defend our clients involved in first and third-party common law and statutory bad faith claims.

Insurers facing bad faith and extra-contractual claims seek out our firm because of our ability to provide a proper risk analysis. We regularly counsel and represent insurance companies involved in disputes with policyholders alleging both the wrongful denial of policy benefits and the refusal to settle third-party claims. Our attorneys also defend insurers against extra-contractual claims encompassing all forms of insurance claims and coverage disputes, including:

Delivering Personalized Attention and Service

The attorneys at Conroy Simberg deliver personalized attention and service to insurance companies and facing exposure to bad faith and extra-contractual claims. Our attorneys counsel with our insurer clients to carefully review, investigate and evaluate these types of claims.

We thoroughly explain the state-specific laws and statutes to our clients and take the time to fully understand their business goals and operations. Our team of legal professionals strives to provide clients with timely information needed to make well-founded decisions in their case.

When handling a claim, our attorneys use their understanding of the legal environment surrounding insurance coverage and policy issues to guide our clients through complicated legal processes and procedures. We take a proactive approach and work to obtain a favorable disposition these claims as early as possible. In each case, our assigned team of legal professionals carefully reviews all documentation and identifies and interviews key individuals and personnel. When necessary, we also consult with our network of experts to further analyze and evaluate critical factors in the case, including the insured’s liability, the extent of the recoverable damages and potential costs and expenses.

Allegations of insurer bad faith are becoming all too common in the industry. We appreciate that addressing these types of claims can be time-consuming and costly for insurance companies. Our goal is to develop plans and approaches aimed at resolving bad faith and extra-contractual claims in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Aggressively Litigating on Your Behalf

In the event that a settlement cannot be negotiated, our attorneys represent insurers during all stages of the litigation process. We are prepared to aggressively litigate bad faith and extra-contractual claims in mediation and arbitration proceedings and throughout all levels of the court system. When defending these types of cases, our attorneys focus on creating litigation strategies and tactics that best protect our clients’ business practices and financial interests.

Conroy Simberg has a strong reputation for providing skilled legal defense in bad faith and extra-contractual litigation cases. Our insurance defense attorneys are highly regarded in the industry. Insurance companies throughout the state of Florida and across the country seek our firm because of our experience and ability to resolve complex policy and coverage issues efficiently and economically.