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Trucking Litigation

Representing Commercial Trucking Companies and Insurance Carriers

Conroy Simberg is a leading civil defense firm with decades of experience handling complex trucking litigation cases. We develop effective defense strategies for commercial trucking companies in all types of liability claims, ranging from personal injury, property damage and cargo claims to actions involving multiple plaintiffs and catastrophic injuries, including wrongful death and brain injury cases.

The attorneys in our trucking litigation practice are widely recognized for their extensive legal knowledge and keen understanding of the commercial trucking industry. Our legal team represents commercial trucking companies and insurance carriers operating across Florida, Georgia and throughout the country.

Providing Rapid Response and Thorough Investigations of Trucking Accidents

Conroy Simberg is committed to providing clients with prompt and early evaluations of trucking accidents. When handling a case, our firm quickly assembles a response team that is on-site within hours of the accident to fully investigate the scene and identify and interview witnesses. In the event that a fatality has occurred, we provide an experienced criminal defense attorney to counsel and advise the driver involved in the accident.

We understand that a rapid and thorough response by an experienced legal team is critical to protecting our clients and preserving important evidence in a case. Our attorneys and legal professionals have decades of experience investigating and evaluating trucking litigation cases. We work to carefully reconstruct trucking accidents and consult with our network of industry experts to analyze the complex engineering, medical and technical issues often associated with these types of claims.

Our lawyers are sensitive to clients’ needs and concerns and strive to keep them apprised of all legal developments that may impact their case. While our firm attempts to avoid costly and lengthy courtroom battles by resolving cases as early on as possible, our lawyers are seasoned litigators with years of experience in the courtroom.

At the Forefront of Issues Impacting the Trucking Industry

Conroy Simberg’s trucking litigation attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the complex laws and regulations governing the trucking industry. Our legal team has extensive experience working with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rules and Regulations (FMCSR) and other federal and state laws relevant to interstate and intrastate trucking activities. Lawyers in our trucking litigation practice are active members of the Trucking Insurance Defense Association (TIDA) and regularly participate in TIDA conferences and other industry association events to stay at the forefront of emerging laws and industry trends.

Our firm offers educational seminars for clients to keep them apprised of important legal developments and new technologies serving the trucking industry. We also regularly advise trucking companies on complex legal and regulatory compliance issues and work with them to develop policies and procedures aimed at avoiding legal actions and liability claims.